Soft Heat® Models

Meet the Infusion Series® Soft Heat Models

BUNN-exclusive Soft Heat® technology supplies controlled heat to the brewed coffee within the server whenever it's docked on the brewer, ensuring ideal holding temperatures and optimal flavor for longer periods. These servers are completely modernized, ergonomic, lighter weight, energy efficient and constructed with durable stainless steel to withstand the demands of a busy serving environment.

The Soft Heat Advantage

This docking server system thermostatically controls and automatically shuts off heat once the preset temperature is reached and additionally monitors server volume. This is more beneficial than traditional warmer plates that heat continuously. Optional Docking Stand easily creates satellite serving options with multiple servers.

Best Result in The Cup

The exclusive Peak Extraction™ Sprayhead features grooves that protect and isolate the directional stream holes and capture minerals. These streams fully cover the coffee bed to give full saturation and ultimate uniformity of extraction. BUNN Infusion Series technology allows for over 20 brewing recipes from one footprint with six brew buttons and three batch sizes.

Modern Server Capability and Efficiency

New 1.5gal (5.7L) Soft Heat® servers are completely modernized, ergonomic, lighter weight and energy efficient but still constructed of durable stainless steel to withstand the demands of a busy serving environment.

  • Softened, round design with a wider top access means inside is easier to access and clean, eliminating the temptation for staff to submerse the unit in water to achieve proper sanitation
  • Programmable recipe/batch-based holding times and temperatures
  • Integrated sight gauge assembly provides at-a-glance volume level
  • Unit alerts staff when freshness has expired or server is empty
  • New side-mounted bucket or bail-style handle makes transporting more stable for satellite serving, emptying and cleaning
  • Individual units weigh 5 lbs less than previous models
USB Recipe Programming

The Infusion Series allows for simple programming on-unit and via USB, with up to six brew buttons and three batch sizes, allowing for ultimate control and consistency when dialing in recipes.

Modernized Design Language

Rounded edges and contrasting stainless steel and black colors create a distinctive front-of-house look. This design language carries across the entire platform and coordinates with newer server and grinder models.

Model variants & specs

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