Introducing the trifecta MB5, bringing you the perfectly crafted cup. Simplified.

Apr 27, 2016

We are excited to introduce a brand new machine that allows you to perfectly craft a cup of coffee or tea, simply and efficiently.

The new trifecta MB5 uses BUNN exclusive Air Infusion® Technology to reveal and clarify flavor notes, producing an extraordinarily individualized cup of coffee or tea, so rich and deep bodied, it is not just a drink… it is an experience.

The simplified interface of the MB5 provides 5 brew selections, allowing you to control the combination of infusion time and turbulence to best develop the attributes of sweetness and acidity and rich, robust essences that are exclusive to your tastes and needs.

Our ‘Quick Start Guide’ offers recommendations on how to achieve the cup perfect for you. However, the trifecta MB5 is simple to use. After the initial set-up, just pour one scoop of your preferred ground coffee or tea in the brew chamber, then reinsert and lock-down the chamber. Pour in the amount of water for the size of the brew you want, from 6 to 12 ounces. Put your cup beneath the brew chamber (making sure it is the size appropriate for the water you have just poured). Select from one of three coffee settings, or one of two tea settings. Press the BREW button, and enjoy the show.

The clear brew chamber provides you full view to the brew as the MB5 injects air into the chamber and begins a cycle of turbulence.  Turbulence agitates the grounds, creating deeper extraction and a fuller infusion. The brew finishes as air presses the beverage through a fine-gauge metal screen, preserving oils and aromatics. The result is a unique, amplified experience of taste and mouth feel, something we like to call Full Cup. Enjoy!

Our Air Infusion Technology makes the MB5 unlike any home coffee brewer on the market, and is available now for just $499, only at

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