Gummies to Make at Home

Oct 7, 2016

Chances are at some point you have bought some sort of “gummy” product, particularly if you have children. Flavors are typically fruit-based, with the most common ones being raspberry, orange, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, strawberry, lime, grape, pineapple-coconut and peach. Additionally, many of these candies come in ‘sour’ variations.

However, it is not likely that you have ever purchased –drum roll, please—coffee flavored gummies. Now, since we have just recently talked about “chewable coffee”, we went in search for a coffee gummy recipe.

Before we go any further, it is important to note that this is not “chewable coffee”. This is a candy, which happens to be coffee flavored, and happens to have some level of caffeine in it. The recipe we share here is our own variation of one we found on the web.

The material items you will need are a one-cup (or greater) measuring cup, a tablespoon, a blender, candy molds and a coffee brewer. The ingredients are as follow:

  • 1 cup of hot fresh brewed double strength coffee
  • 1 TBSP butter
  • 1TBSP coconut oil
  • 1 TBSP vanilla extract
  • 4 TBSP gelatin
  • The sweetener of your choice (we used maple syrup)

To ensure the best flavor for your gummies, we suggest beginning with a specialty coffee. Do not use a ‘flavored’ coffee. We suggest a coffee that is hearty and flavorful, but not a dark roast. We used Tanzanian Peaberry.

The easiest means by which you can make a double strength coffee is to use your normal volume of ground coffee, but only half as much water. If you normally use 8 heaping tablespoons of coffee with 64 ounces of water, now use 8 heaping tablespoons but with just 32 ounces of water. Otherwise, brew your coffee as you normally would.

Put all components in a blender, and mix until frothy. We used our mixture to create both unsweetened and sweetened gummies. We used half the mixture for unsweetened, pouring this blend into its own distinctively shaped molds, then we added 4 tablespoons of pure maple syrup to the concoction, gave it a few good shakes and poured this mixture into heart-shaped molds.

The next step is to pop the molds into the refrigerator. Depending on the size and depth of your mold, the gummies may take as little as 20 minutes or as much as two hours to set. These produce a product that is definitely coffee flavored. In our little group, more people preferred the sweetened variations. Let us know what you think, and please share with us any variation on the theme that you believe works even better.


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