Coffee Cubed

Aug 19, 2016

There is a product on the market that is, well, chewable coffee.   GO CUBES™ are essentially a cube-shaped gummi product. Each cube contains the caffeine equivalent of one-half cup of coffee. The manufacturer touts the fact that these are enhanced with vitamins and other healthful components, and are gluten-free and vegan.

In our office, we decided to try these little gummi cubes to see how well they perform as a substitute to a brewed cup of java. Of the five people who tried these, two declared them as resoundingly bitter, despite the sugar coating. The other three testers found them acceptable in taste, no more bitter than much of the black coffee fare commonly served in homes across America. We all reported feeling the normal effects of caffeine. Our trial would have to be a lot longer and significantly better monitored to decide if we thought we were realizing any healthful effects from the other elements added to each cube.

However, a couple of us (myself included) did find that these gummies would be handy to have on those occasions where we needed that extra jolt, but where the occasion would not be suitable for lugging along a thermos of “joe”. OK, one guy (not me) actually enthused over this stuff. But the bottom line is, that none of us involved in this small sampling would consider these as a permanent replacement for coffee. Then again, we are fairly dedicated coffee drinkers.

Coffee gummies have actually been around for awhile, though not with the same size caffeine “kick” of the gummies described above. There are several recipes that can be easily found for making your own “chewable coffee”. One that seems particularly intriguing is the rather healthy sounding recipe that can be found here at “Cheerfully Imperfect

Let us know if you have ever tried coffee gummies of any sort. If so, what did you think? Have you made any yourself? If so, share your recipe with us on our Facebook page.


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