Celebrate Summer with Coffee on Ice

Jul 18, 2016

Summer is here! And it is already hot… and you are already looking for ways to avoid the heat. However, you still want/need/crave your coffee. Well, you can have your ‘go’ fuel while still keeping cool, by brewing your favorite java as an iced coffee concentrate.  

The simplest way to make your concentrate is to dole out the same amount of coffee as you would for a regular brew, but use only half the amount of water. So, if you normally brew 10 cups of coffee (50 ounces) with 6 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee, use the same measure of coffee but with just 25 ounces of water.

1)      Pull out the brew funnel from the brewer. Place a paper coffee filter in the funnel. [Use BUNN filters, which are a little taller and will thus help prevent overflow of the grounds. Also, BUNN filters have been carefully designed with just the right porosity to allow for optimal movement of water through the grounds.]

2)      Measure out the amount of ground coffee normally used for a full pot, and place this in the filter. Gently shake the funnel so that the grounds disperse evenly and are leveled. Replace the funnel

3)      Measure out HALF the water normally used when brewing with this amount of ground coffee.

4)      Now pour the measured water into the brewer, and allow the coffee to brew and flow through the funnel until it is completely done dripping. *Ensure that the warmer switch remains off. (If you are using a BT model brewer, there is no warmer switch.)

5)      Fill a glass with cubes of ice, and pour in your freshly brewed iced coffee concentrate. [For a bolder taste, use frozen cubes of coffee for your “ice”!]

There is one final note: if you are not planning on immediately enjoying the full batch of iced coffee, then the remainder should be refrigerated in a clear, lidded container. Your iced coffee brew should be consumed within twenty-four hours to ensure optimal freshness.


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