Assembled in the USA

Mar 4, 2011 |

Did you see the ABC News segment this week called Made in America? It was an intriguing feature and has captured the attention of many people, especially BUNN home brewer owners. We were contacted by the show while they were searching for coffee makers that are Made in America and explained that many of our products are proudly Assembled in the USA. What does that mean? According to the FTC...

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Delicious Coffee Beverages

Feb 11, 2011 |

Why not treat your Valentine to a yummy coffee beverage? Below are a few recipes from Susan Zimmers I love coffee! book. If you love coffee, check out our discussion forum topic I love coffee more than"

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Celebrating Tea

Jan 20, 2011 |

Since January is National Hot Tea Month, its a great time to learn more about this ancient and increasingly popular beverage. For more than 5,000 years people have been enchanted with tea. From Tanzanian black tea to green tea from Chinas Hunan province, there is a great variety of teas available. Surprisingly, all teas (except for herbal teas) come from the Camellia sinensis plant...

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Phase Brew Meets the World

Jan 14, 2011 |
From late October through November, BUNN brand ambassadors "hit the streets" to meet coffee people, show them the new Phase Brew and talk about how to brew their best cup. We were zooming around on Segways at 5 stops in Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids and Cincinnati. The best part of each day was chatting with current BUNN owners, who all have terrific BUNN stories to share, and... Read More

Why Dark Roast?

Dec 16, 2010 |
No one was more surprised than I was when Starbucks won the coffee taste tests I conducted for John Stossel on the television show 20/20 last year. Not only did it prove to me that I'd conducted a truly impartial test, but it also proved that many consumers have been won over to the caramelized taste dark roasts impart over the winey, fragrant and earthy allure of the lighter ones. Rather than... Read More

Earth Friendly Steps for Coffee Lovers

Sep 29, 2010 |

1. Make the world greener with left-over coffee grounds.Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen and great for plants that like acidic soil. Plants like blueberries, hydrangeas or azaleas will appreciate a sprinkling of coffee grounds on the surrounding soil. For other plants, try adding coffee grounds to your compost bin (up to 25%). You can even compost the filters " they should easily break down...

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weee, another one

Sep 5, 2010 |

I'm going to "out" the industry as well as coffee snobs who do more harm than good when it comes to bringing the joys of great coffee to people around the globe.

One of the biggest myths around is that coffee connoisseurs only drink the stuff black that is minus cream, sweeteners or, for that matter, any flavor you can mention.

Let me tell you a little story. I was cupping once...

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