Dr Brew discusses Water Quality

Aug 24, 2011 |

The days of summer are numbered and that signifies one thing back to school!  Over the next few weeks kids will be heading back to the classroom to hits the books. As we all know, education in any subject matter is crucial.   That is why we are introducing a new video mini-series titled Better Brewing with Dr. Brew.  We realize that...

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Dorm Life Checklist: Outfit your college home

Aug 19, 2011 |

We want to wish all the students who will be going back to school a safe and wonderful school year.  Starting a new school year is exciting, especially for students who will be heading off to their first year at college.  Leaving home for the first time can be fun, but stressful for both students and parents alike. In order to alleviate the stress we created a Dorm Life Checklist....

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Coffee takes on taste of the region

Aug 10, 2011 |

I used to think coffee is coffee, meaning it didnt really matter where it came from because it all tasted the same.  Boy was I wrong!  Coffee is a plant that produces cherry-like fruit from which the beans are eventually extracted and distributed.  Coffee is grown in approximately 50 countries that span the globe. [2]  So then I assumed, all Kenyan coffees taste...

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Think twice before blaming coffee for bad breath

Aug 5, 2011 |

Coffee.  A beverage loved by so many, but blamed for making breath smell less than pleasant. Many affectionately refer to this coffee induced bad breath as coffee breath.    What if I told you that contrary to popular belief coffee is not to blame for bad breath, but actually might help inhibit bad breath.   Thats right, according to a study at Tel Aviv University...

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A great cup of coffee + a giant piece of cheesecake= YUM!

Jul 29, 2011 |

Creamy. Delectable. Rich... Words that describe one of my favorite desserts of all time-- cheesecake. Yum! And like so many popular foods there is actually a day dedicated to this special dessert.  Tomorrow, July 30 is National Cheesecake Day.   Celebrate National Cheesecake Day by indulging in this delicious treat.     

I personally love...

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My Café® in-store demonstrations coming to select Dillard’s locations!

Jul 28, 2011 |

My Caf in-store demos are taking place all across the country, July 30, July 31, August 6 and August 7 at select Dillards locations.

The BUNN My Cafe is BUNN's newest product for use at home, and has been described as a superior single serve solution.   At the in stores demos you can watch this small, but mighty brewer in action. Smell the aroma of quality...

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A personal journey into the world of coffee

Jul 26, 2011 |

Adam Pesce, director of coffee development at Reunion Island Coffee, gives a ROAST magazine a sneak peek into his professional life.

The journey that coffee takes from seed to cup is a topic we are passionate about.  It is the big picture on how coffee growers, processors, roasters, equipment manufactures, and baristas work together to...

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My Café® in-store demostrations may be happening in your area this weekend!

Jul 22, 2011 |

My Caf in-store demos are taking place all across the country this weekend at select Bergner's, Bon-Ton, Boston Store, Carson Pirie Scott, Herbergers and Younker's locations.

The BUNN My Cafe is BUNN's newest product for use at home, and has been described as a superior single serve solution.   At the in-store demos you can watch this small, but mighty brewer...

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Meet Dr. Brew

Jul 21, 2011 |

Meet the Director of the BUNN  Beverage Technology Center aka BUNNs Brew Master aka Dr. Brew, better known as the man, Randy Pope.  So what exactly do all these titles mean? In a recent Q & A session, Randy gave us insight on how he aims to find different and better ways to brew coffee every day. ...

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Coffee and Ice Cream

Jul 18, 2011 |

Many individuals are fanatics about their coffee, but I am sure there are individuals just as passionate about the frozen sweet treat we call ice cream.  In fact, there is a whole day dedicated to ice cream.  Yesterday, July 17, was National Ice Cream Day and the whole month of July is National Ice Cream Month!   So we got to thinking if you love coffee and ice cream, why...

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