Proposition 65, also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, is a law that requires warnings be provided to California consumers when they might be exposed to chemicals identified by California as causing cancer or reproductive toxicity. The warnings are intended to help California consumers make informed decisions about their exposures to these chemicals from the products they use.  Below is a list of BUNN products that have one, or more, of these identified chemicals. BUNN is taking steps to eliminate these chemicals from our products wherever feasible to provide our customers with the best and safest beverage equipment on the market.  Machines manufactured after the compliance deadline will have a warning label similar to the one displayed.  For more information about this law please visit OEHHA's website at

Product No.Product DescriptionProp 65 Chemical(s)Prop 65 Chemical(s) Known Issue
04275.0031VPS, BLK-LTD SWbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06100.0101EASY POUR,(BLK) 1/CSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06100.0102EASY POUR,(BLK) 2/CSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06100.0103EASY POUR,(BLK) 3/CSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06100.0106EASY POUR,(BLK) 6/CSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06100.0112EASY POUR,(BLK) 12/CSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06100.0124EASY POUR,(BLK) 24/CSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06100.0156EASY POUR,(BLK) 6-1/CSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06100.0224EASY POUR,(CAN-BLK) 24/CSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06100.0401EASY POUR, BLK 1/CS RFIDbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06100.0708EASY POUR,EATNPARK-BLACK24/CSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06100.0711EASY POUR,EATNPARK(ORN)24/CSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06100.0735EASY POUR,FARMER BROS BLK 6PKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
06101.0101EASY POUR,(ORN) 1/CSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
07400.0005VLPF, BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0112CWT15, 3L PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0211CWTF15, 1L/1U PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0212CWTF15, 3L PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0213CWTF15, 1L/2U PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0216CWTF15, 3L SF W/4" NKL LEGSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0217CWTF15, 1L/2U SFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0252CWTF35, 3L PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0253CWTF35, 1L/2U PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0261CWTF35, 1L/2U SFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0293CWTF15, 1L PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0298CWTF15, 3L LEFT PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0356CWT15, 1L/2U SFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0360CWTF15TC, PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0380CWTF20TC, PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
12950.0410CWTF-DV, 1L/2U SFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
13250.0023CRTF535, PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
13250.0025CRTF535, SFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
13300.0001VP171, SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
13300.0002VP172, SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
13300.0003VP173, 3L SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
13300.0004VP173, 1L/2U SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
13300.0011VP171, BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
13300.0012VP172, BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
13300.0013VP173, 3L BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
20500.0000U3 S.S., 120/208Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
20500.0001U3 S.S., 120/240Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
22100.0000G3 HD, BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
22100.0001G3 HD, REDbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
22102.0000G2 HD, BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
22102.0001G2 HD, REDbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
22104.0000G1 HD, BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
23001.0000CW15APS, PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
23001.0006CWTF15-APS, PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
23001.0040CW15TC, PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
26800.0000LPG-2E, 120Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
27825.00001SH STAND, 120Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
27825.00031SH STAND,120V BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
27825.02001SH STAND, 120V INF SERIESbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
27875.00002SH STAND, 120Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
27875.00032SH STAND, 120V BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
27875.02002SH STAND, 120V INF SERIESbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
28200.0100FMD3, BASE 120V BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
28200.0106FMD3, BASE 120V SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
28700.0100FMD1, BASE 120V BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
29500.0207PAF, 120V BLK LED LTG FOR SETbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
29500.0211PAF, 120V BLK NO LOGO LED LTGbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
29500.0213PAF, 120V BLK LED DELAY & IMIX DRbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
29500.0214PAF, 120V WHT LED DELAY & IMIX DRbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
33200.0000VPR, BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
33200.0002VPR,BLK W/2 EASYPOUR DECANTERbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
33200.0010VPRAPS, BLACKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
33200.0011VPR, BLACK TCbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
33200.0014VPRAPS, BLK W/AIRPOTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
33200.0015VPR, BLK W/2 GLASS DECANTERSbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
33700.0000G92T DBCbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
33700.0001G92T DBC, BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
33700.0007G92TB DBC,100V 50HZbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34000.0169ULTRA2, BASE 120V WHT HPbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34000.0170ULTRA2, BASE 120V BLK HPbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34000.0171ULTRA2, BASE 120V BLK/SST HPbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34000.0176ULTRA2, BASE 120V BLK HP LAFIbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34000.0178ULTRA2, BASE 120V BLK/SST LAFI HPbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34000.0179ULTRA2,BA 120V BLK CF VLV .046 ORFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34000.0180ULTRA2, BASE 120V BLK HP CF VLVbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34000.0181ULTRA2, BASE 120V WHT/SST HP CF VLVbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34000.0182ULTRA2, BASE 120V BLK/SST HP CF VLVbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34000.0314ULTRA2, BA 120V WHT CORR RESbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34000.0321ULTRA2, BASE 120V BLK/SST HP MX SPNbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34000.0325ULTRA2, BASE 120V BLK/SST HP CF VLV PEPbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34400.0111LCR2,bisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34400.0301LCA2, W/FANbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
34900.0100FMD5, BASE 120Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
35400.0003MCP,BLK 1PK 2-COLOR WHITE BOXbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
35400.0009MCA,BLK 1PK 2 COLOR WHITE BOXbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
35600.0020MHG, 120V 60HZ SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
35600.0022MHG, 120V BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
35900.0010DUAL GPR DBC,120/208240V LFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
36100.0010SINGLE GPR DBC DV 120/208240Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
36400.0000FPG-2 DBC, 120Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
36600.0400ICBDV, BASEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
36600.0404ICBDV, BASE BLACKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
36600.0405ICBDV TALLbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
36600.0422ICBDV, BASE QUIKCHECKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
36600.0427ICBDV, LP W/ FCTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
36600.0431ICBDV, BASE 17 HOLE SPRAYHEADbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
36900.0130iMIX3, 120V SS LED BLKBASEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
36900.0131iMIX3, 120V SS LED SSTBASEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
36900.0180iMIX3, 120V TH SS LED BLKBASEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37000.0140iMIX5, 120V SS LED BLKBASEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37000.0160iMIX5, 120V TH SS LED BLKBASEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37000.0162iMIX5, 120V TH SS LED W/HW BLKBASEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37000.0174iMIX5, 120/240V TH SS LED BLKBASEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37000.0179IMIX5,120/240V TH SS LED BLKBA NO CORDbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37300.0158JDF4S, BA 120V MEMBbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37300.0159JDF4S, BA 120V MEMB LITbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37300.0168JDF4S, BASE 120V PUSHBUTTONbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37300.0169JDF4S, BASE 120V W/WATERbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37300.0170JDF4S, BASE 120V LIT DOORbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37300.0171JDF4S, BA 120V LIT W/WATERbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37300.0173JDF4S, BA 120V LIT DR PCbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37300.0177JDF4S, BASE 120V CORR RESbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37600.0400ICBTWIN,120/240 SST W/ FCT KITbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37600.0402ICBTWIN, 120/208 SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37600.0404ICBTWIN, 120/240 BLACKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37600.0405ICBTWIN TALL, 120/240 SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37600.0416ICBTWIN, 120/208 SST QUIKCHECKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37600.0421ICBTWIN, 120/240 LP W/ FCTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37750.0000TCD-1bisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37750.0002TCD2bisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37750.0039TCD1 W/QCDIIbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37750.0040TCD2 W/QCDIIbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37900.0155JDF2S, BA 120V PBbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37900.0156JDF2S, BA 120V PB LIT DOORbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37900.0157JDF2S, BA 120V LIT DOOR PCbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37900.0161JDF2S, BA 120V PB DUAL DISPbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
37900.0163JDF2S, BA 120V PB/COND COATED CORR RESbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38600.0134iMIX3S, 120V OATMEAL TH LED BASEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38600.0330iMIX3S+, 120V SS LED BLKBASEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38600.0380iMIX3S+, 120V TH SS LED BLKBASEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0000AXIOM-15-3,1L/2U PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0002AXIOM-15-3,3L RT PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0008AXIOMDV3, 1L/2U PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0009AXIOMDV3, 3L RT PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0010AXIOMDVAPS, PF SST HOUSINGbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0011AXIOMDVTC, PF SST HOUSINGbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0013AXIOM TWIN APS, 1 PWR CONN SFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0014AXIOM 4/2 TWIN, SNGL PWRbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0015AXIOM 0/6 TWIN, SNGL PWR CONNbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0023AXIOMPDV3, 1L/2U PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0034AXIOMDVAPS, GFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0043SINGLE AXIOM 15,1G/3.8L 1LWRbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0045SINGLE AXIOM 35,1G/3.8L 1LWRbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0052AXIOMP153, 1L/2U SFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0076AXIOM-DV-3, BREWWISE 3L RTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0080AXIOMDV3, BREWWISE 1L/2Ubisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0118AXIOMDV3, 3L LT PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0119AXIOMDV3, 3L RT PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38700.0120AXIOMDVAPS, PFbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
38800.0100LCA2 LP, BUNN AMBIENTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
39400.0001TITAN TF SERVER,VERTICAL FCTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
40000.0109JDF4D, BA 120V REFRESH SERVER+ W/CADDYbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
40000.0110JDF4D, BA 120V REFRESH SERVER PHbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
40000.0111JDF4D, 120V REFRESH SERVER PCbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
40700.0001G9WDRH, 120Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
41400.0400ITB, 120Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
41400.0401ITB, 120V W/SWTNRbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
41400.0402ITBLP, 120Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
41400.0500ITB, 120V DDILbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
41400.0501ITB, 120V DDIL W/SWTNRbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
41900.0000G2 TRIFECTA, 120V SILVERbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
41900.0006G2A TRIFECTA, 50HZ IPX1 CE SILVER MEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
41900.0023G2A TRIFECTA, IPX1 CE SILVERKTCbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
41900.0232G2A TRIFECTA, IPX1 CE RN SILVEREURObisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
41900.0237G2A TRIFECTA, IPX1 CE RN SILVERUKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
42300.0000MY CAFE APbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
43000.0400ITCBDV, HVbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
43100.0400ITCB TWIN HVbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
43300.0000TRI, TRIFECTA MBbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
43300.0001TRI, TRIFECTA MB5bisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
43400.0200SURE TAMP STEAM, 208Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
43400.0201SURE TAMP AUTO, 208V ESPRESSObisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
44100.0100LCA1, 120Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
44300.0201CRESCENDO, 120V 60HZbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
44500.0000MCO, MY CAFE OFFICEbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
44600.0000MCR, MY CAFE RESERVOIRbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
44600.0001MCR, 120V AUTOMATICbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
44900.0102NHS, DRIP FREE 1PKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
45000.0001PAFP2, 120V PLATFORM BLKbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
45800.0004DWSLV, 120V PBbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
45800.0005DWSLV, 120V 3 PCbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
45800.0006DWSLV, 120V PB WHTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
45800.0007DWSLV, 120V 3 PC WHTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
45900.0100DWSUC, 120V PULL & HOLDbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
45900.0101DWSUC, 120V PORTION CONTROLbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
51100.0100ICB SH, 120/240V SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
51100.0103ICB SHDV, 120/208240Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
51100.0500ICBA SH, CE 220240V SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
51200.0100ICB TWIN SH, 120/240V SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
51200.0101ICB TWIN SH, 120/240V BLK/SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
51200.0102ICB TWIN SH, 120/208V SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
52100.0100ICB SH PE, 120/240Vbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
52500.0100ITCB-DV PE, 29" W/TRAYbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
53600.0100ICB TWIN SH PE, 120/240V SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
54000.0100ITCB-DV HV PE,bisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
54200.0100ICB TWIN TF 1.0 PE, 120/240V SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
54200.0101ICB TWIN TF 1.5 PE, 120/240V SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
54300.0100ICB TF 1.0 PE, 120/240V SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm
54300.0101ICB TF 1.5 PE, 120/240V SSTbisphenol A (BPA)reproductive harm

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