Numbers Show How Awesome Coffee Is

Sep 28, 2016|

As the country celebrates National Coffee Day there are a few statistics that show just how awesome coffee is and how much it is woven into the American culture.

The National Coffee Association’s (NCA) 2016 National Coffee Drinking Trends Report shed some light on coffee and its impact in the United States. Did you realize that 57% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee on a daily basis? That is pretty awesome when you realize the current U.S. population is around 322 million people. Those coffee drinkers aren’t simply having a cup of coffee either. NCA data shows the average American consumes 3.1 cups daily.

With that many individuals drinking that much coffee, you would assume the drink generates an awesome amount of revenue and checking with the NCA you would be correct. Americans spend approximately $40 billion on coffee per year.

Looking at the numbers generated by coffee consumption in America, you can see why an awesome beverage gets its own day. Happy National Coffee Day!


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