Nothing Routine About It

Sep 9, 2016

What do you do if you have a specialty coffee shop and are offering an assortment of flavors of ground-freshly-on-the-spot coffee, but you only have so much money, you have only so much counter space, and you know you are going to have only oh-so-little time? Having a dedicated grinder for each flavor of coffee is going to be neither economically feasible nor practical. Using a single grinder would seem to involve too much work, what with the need to empty the hopper to transition from one bean to the next, and would take time that you just don’t have. Of course, if that single grinder were to have removable, interchangeable hoppers, that would resolve the problems of cost, space and time, wouldn’t it?

The BUNN MHG (Multi Hopper Grinder) is the phenomenally efficient product you are seeking. At just 9 inches wide, 18.3 inches in depth, and sitting 29.1 inches in height, the MHG gives you a vast range of options from a small footprint. The MHG is sold with two removable, clear 6-pound capacity hoppers: additional hoppers can be purchased and used for visibly storing your bean varieties. The hoppers themselves can then be handily stored in either a 4 position rack or a 2 position rack (each of which are just 9.8 inches wide), and are from there immediately accessible for quick change-outs --- and from which your selection of beans is handily displayed and merchandised.

To swap out one hopper full of beans for another hopper full of another flavored bean involves a matter of just seconds. And while this is a thing of beauty, simplicity and convenience, there is another factor involved that is utterly ingenious. It is likely that every bean type will require a little different kind of grind for the ideal result, and every ground coffee may require a slightly different brew to capture the purest essences of flavor. The MHG is part of a system that can help make the creation of these individual ‘recipes’ easy, and which will make the transitioning of these recipes between the hoppers to the grinder, and from the grinder to the brewer, effortless.

With the hopper of a dedicated bean type in place on the MHG, by following a simple set of instructions you can write the recipe for that bean’s grind and the recipe will be saved to a chip in the bottom of the hopper. Then, forever more (or until you decide to change the programming) that chip will automatically convey the needed recipe to the grinder whenever that hopper is placed on the MHG. Next, when a grind is initiated, if the brew funnel being used to catch the ground coffee is part of the BREWWise system, the chip in the handle of that brew funnel will receive the name and batch size of the coffee. This funnel, when transferred to a corresponding BREWWise system brewer, will relay that information to the brewer that will then automatically brew to the recipe for that bean type and batch size.

To recap (if you are using a fully integrated BREWWise system): once the programming is set up for each variety of bean you use, all that needs to be done is to put the appropriated hopper on your MHG, select the batch size needed, push start to grind (into the waiting brew funnel), transfer the brew funnel from the MHG to the BREWWise brewer, and press “Start” to begin the brew. The only way it gets any simpler is to… be your customer.

To learn more about how to make the BUNN MHG part of your program, click here.


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