Get a Clear View with the ITCB-HV

May 17, 2016|

The foodservice industry picture is getting interesting. Segments are morphing into one another as grocery stores now have elements of quick serve restaurants and convenience stores; c-stores are now in direct competition with grocery stores; and QSRs are starting to have their products on the shelves of grocery and c-stores.

This blurring of the segments means even more competition for the same customer base, therefore all foodservice operators should note that research conducted by CSP Magazine found 46% of c-store operators see regular coffee as the beverage with the most growth potential.

Coffee programs have long been a staple of c-stores and they continue to improve upon their offerings to take advantage of this ever-growing category. With competition for increasingly interchangeable customers becoming fiercer, all foodservice operators should prioritize having a top flight coffee program to keep up with the rapidly blurring landscape.

BUNN has a solution to make any coffee program picture come into clear focus with the versatile ITCB-HV coffee and tea brewer.

The ITCB-HV provides the ability to brew coffee into either a 1.5 (5.68) or 1.0-gallon (3.79L) BUNN ThermoFresh® server, and the 3-gallon (11.4L) tank provides back-to-back brewing capacity for the busiest dayparts. The “HV” stands for high volume and note there is also a lower volume option.

Brew-to-brew consistency is achieved by digital temperature control, and the ability to program three separate brewing profiles meaning more customer taste preferences can be accommodated at once. The versatility doesn’t stop with hot coffee, as the dilution feature also allows for brewing iced coffee, adding yet another, popular emerging menu option to your repertoire in one footprint.

As thirsty customers appreciate the wide selection of their favorite recipes, operators will appreciate savings of both coffee and energy offered by BUNN equipment. The ITCB-HV features two programmable batch switches for either full or half batch brewing, meaning it has the ability to provide fresh, hot coffee even during slower dayparts. The energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods, providing saving on the energy bill.

Another operator-friendly feature of the ITCB-HV is that downtime is kept to a minimum with state-of-the-art BUNNlink® technology available. This machine-to-machine software monitors the equipment performance, providing preventative maintenance updates and service notification instantly through the BUNNServe program.

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