Another Way to Coffee

Jul 14, 2016

Would you like to give a little boost to your office crew? Is it too late in the day or too hot for a traditional brew? Or would you like something that’s just a little more “new”? Perhaps it’s time to give iced coffee its due.

With all the ‘kick’ of hot coffee, over-ice coffee invigorates and refreshes while yet providing the heartiness you expect from your office’s favorite java. Get your staff singing your praises with this alternative beverage.

As a bonus, the following simple recipe for Iced Coffee is perfect for getting that new intern into the hang of some basic office skills.

The necessary equipment and ingredients for a brew of iced coffee are as follow: a scale, a BUNN bulk grinder (such as a G1, G2 or G3), an ICB brewer, a 4 quart pitcher, a paper coffee filter (20138.1000), a beverage dispenser (such as an ICD-3),coffee beans, and ice.

The steps to the brew are as follow:

1) Using the scale, measure out 231 grams of coffee beans
2) Pour the beans into the grinder. Grind the beans at #6 setting
3) Remove the brew funnel from the brewer. Place a coffee filter in the brew funnel. Add the ground beans to the filter in the brew funnel (gently shake the grounds to level them), and replace the funnel into the brewer
4) Fill a 4 quart pitcher with 40 oz of ice and place beneath the brew funnel
5) Brew – 82 oz of total programmed volume, creating approximately 3.5L of iced coffee
6) Transfer the iced coffee into the reservoir and begin serving (or refrigerate for later use)
7) Serve coffee over a glass of ice

As you observe your office staff enjoying the fruits of your idea (and the intern’s labor) you can take a moment to bask in the knowledge that once again you are the Wizard of Ahh’s.


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