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Product Number Model Name Product Detail Page Spec Sheet
20500.6000 U3 120/208V PDF
20500.6004 U3 120/240V PDF
20500.6072 U38 120/208V 8000W PDF
20500.6076 U38 120/240V 8000W PDF
20580.0001 LPG SST PDF
20580.0121 LPGA SST - IRAM PDF
20580.0132 LPGA SST - CE,EAC - EURO PDF
20580.0133 LPGA, IPX1 CE 220-240V SST - KSA, KUCAS PDF
20580.0137 LPGA SST - CE - UK PDF
20580.6000 LPG SST PDF
20580.6001 LPG Black PDF
20820.0001 OL 20 (1U/1L Warmer)
20820.0001 OL 20 (1U/1L Warmer) PDF
20820.0002 OL 35 (1U/1L Warmer)
20820.0002 OL 35 (1U/1L Warmer) PDF
20825.0000 RL35 (2U/3L Warmers) PDF
20825.0000 RL35 (2U/3L Warmers)
20830.0000 OT 15 (1U/1L Warmer)
20830.0000 OT 15 (1U/1L Warmer) PDF
20830.0001 OT 20 (1U/1L Warmer)
20830.0001 OT 20 (1U/1L Warmer) PDF
20835.0000 RT (2U/3L Warmers)
20835.0000 RT (2U/3L Warmers) PDF
20835.0004 RTF (2U/3L Warmers)
20835.0004 RTF (2U/3L Warmers) PDF
20900.0008 DUAL GPR - One Batch Size - 120/208V PDF
20900.0010 DUAL GPR - Three Batch Size - 120/208V PDF
20900.0011 DUAL GPR - Upper Faucet - 120/240V PDF
20900.0055 DUAL GPR - CE, NSF - No Plug PDF
20900.0063 DUAL, CE 220-230V 50/60HZ 2W 3S MECH ME PDF
20900.0084 DUAL GPR - CE - No Plug PDF
20900.0088 DUAL GPR - Lower Faucet - 120/240V PDF
20900.6007 DUAL GPR 120/208V PDF
20900.6010 DUAL GPR 120/240V PDF
20950.0004 1.5Gal(5.7L) GPR-FF Srvr PDF
20950.6001 1.5Gal(5.7L) GPR-FF Srvr PDF
21250.0000 A10 PDF
21250.0000 A10 Pourover w/Glass Decanter
21250.6000 A10 Pourover w/Glass Decanter PDF
22100.0000 G3 HD BLK PDF
22100.0001 G3 HD Red PDF
22100.0021 G3A HD BLK - IRAM PDF
22100.0023 G3A HD BLK - KTC PDF
22100.0032 G3A HD BLK - CE, EAC - EURO PDF
22100.0035 G3A HD BLK - INMETRO PDF
22100.0037 G3A HD BLK - CE - UK PDF
22100.0038 G3A HD, IPX1 CE BLK 50HZ - KSA, KUCAS PDF
22100.0039 G3A HD, IPX1 CE BLK 60HZ - KSA, KUCAS PDF
22100.6000 G3 HD BLK w/ Lift Swtich PDF
22100.6002 G3 HD Red w/ Lift Swtich PDF


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