The new standard in batch brewing. The sleek, modernized design of the BUNN® Infusion Series® and exclusive BUNN® Digital Brewer Control® technology allows you to deliver the best result in the cup.

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Infusion Series®
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Great Design

  • Sleek, modernized design language on the brewer and servers
  • Rounded angles on the corners and trunk
  • Coordinating petal-shaped handles on brew basket, dispenser faucet, and hot water faucet create intuitive visual cues for user-interaction
  • Contrasting stainless steel and black colors create a distinctive, refined look
  • Better positioned fast flow hot water faucet with greater cup clearance
  • Bright blue LED light indicators prominently show unit is operational
  • 3M Thinsulate® and energy-saver mode provide greater energy efficiency
  • Designed and engineered in Springfield, Illinois; assembled in Creston, Iowa

Best Result in the Cup

  • BUNN Infusion Series technology allows for over 20 brewing recipes from one footprint with six brew buttons and three batch sizes
  • Brew batches of .5gal, 1gal or 1.5gal (1.9, 3.8 or 5.7L)
  • Exclusive Peak Extraction Sprayhead is multi-directional with a 17-hole design to ensure ultimate uniformity of extraction
  • USB programming
  • RFID-powered BrewWise® Intelligence means grinder communicates with the brewer through the Smart Funnel®
  • Compatible with BUNNLink®; Optional wireless remote server monitoring via webpage, tablet, or Smart phone

Modern Server Capability and Efficiency

  • BUNN-exclusive Soft Heat server technology automatically docks to the brewer to supply controlled heat to brewed coffee with holding temperatures ideal for optimal flavor for longer periods
  • New 1.5gal (5.7L) Soft Heat servers are completely modernized, ergonomic, lighter weight and energy efficient but still constructed of durable stainless steel to withstand the demands of a busy serving environment
  • Softened, round design with a wider top access means inside is easier to access and clean, eliminating the temptation for staff to submerse the unit in water to achieve proper sanitation
  • Programmable recipe/batch-based holding times and temperatures
  • Safety-Fresh® patented brew-through lid with vapor seal and spill prevention
  • Integrated sight gauge assembly provides at-a-glance volume level
  • Unit alerts staff when freshness has expired or server is empty
  • New side-mounted bucket or pail-style handle makes transporting more stable for satellite serving, emptying and cleaning
  • Optional Soft Heat Docking Stand easily creates satellite serving options with multiple servers where heat can continue to be automatically managed through instant power contact in the Stand
  • Individual units weigh 5 lbs less than previous models
  • New server design is not compatible with older models; New Infusion Series-compatible only
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