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Cooking with Coffee: Session 2- Chef Robb Wyss

Oct 26, 2011 |

Its time for the second session in the Cooking with Coffee series! Remember to enter the drawing to win an Adventures in Coffee cookbook by commenting on the question listed at the bottom of this post on the BUNN At Home Discussion forum topic.  Comments must be received by...

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Fall is the perfect time of year for special get-togethers to celebrate family, friends and did we say, festive drinks!

Oct 21, 2011 |

As the special memories of summer fade into our distant memory, the chilly days of autumn are upon us and what better way to cope with the change than with a fun selection of seasonal fall drinks.    Below are yummy drink recipes complied from other sites and some that BUNN created, just in time for your Halloween parties and gatherings.   Even the scarecrows and jack-...

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Coffee Terminology Cheat Sheet

Oct 21, 2011 |

Acidity, bright, clean, body, single origin, cherry, blend what do all these words have in common?  COFFEE!  Numerous terms are used to describe coffee and we realize that with all the different terms out there it can be a little confusing! That is why we created this little coffee term cheat sheet.   Learn some coffee lingo and impress your family and friends with your...

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Domestic Violence at Origin

Oct 17, 2011 |

Pictured above: Karen Cebreros, Partnerships North America

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In the United States we recognize that nearly one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.* But domestic violence doesn't stop at our national borders, it is a problem that is found in every country.

What is Domestic Violence...

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Cook of the Week Challenge moves to Round 2!

Oct 12, 2011 |

The winners from the last phase of round 1 competition from Cook of the Week Challenge are: Antonio De Pau and Penny Kazmier. De Paus Fish & Fruity Cuban Sofrito Gnocchi with Tuna Meatball and Mango Sauce was a judges favorite.  Kazmier won over the judges and readers with her...

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Cooking with Coffee: Session 1 - Chef August Mrozowski

Oct 12, 2011 |

Coffee has different nuances and flavor profiles that not only make it the remarkable beverage that we all know and love, but also a great cooking ingredient.   It can add unique flavors and aromas to a variety of dishes.  We know coffee, but when it comes to cooking with coffee, we are no experts. We went to four local restaurants to ask experienced chefs if they use coffee in...

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Cook of the Week Challenge: Week 3 winners and new recipes for Week 4.

Oct 3, 2011 |

The winners from Week 3 of round 1 competition from Cook of the Week Challenge are: Mark Clemens and Mary Beth Riley.  Clemens Polenta Lasagna with Brussels Sprouts and Black Swan Barbecue Sauce was a judges favorite as well as Rileys ...

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National Customer Service Week

Oct 3, 2011 |

At BUNN we are committed to providing great service to our customers. In order to do that we must have a dedicated team that loves helping customers. Our customer service team is just that: dedicated and passionate. This week we will be celebrating each of them in honor of National Customer Service Week! We have planned fun events and surprises for the team all week long. Its our way to...

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Better Brewing with Dr. Brew- Coffee is Worth the Wait!

Sep 30, 2011 |

Ugh your alarm buzzes at 5am, nagging at you to get up out of your comfy bed and start your day.  You stumble to the kitchen with the sleep still in your eyes, and stand in front of your BUNN brewer anxiously awaiting for your coffee to brew.  Even if your brewer only takes 3 minutes to completely brew like the BUNN Velocity Brew models, we know it can seem like an eternity when you...

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Happy National Coffee Day Contest

Sep 29, 2011 |

Today is National Coffee Day!   As we have already emphatically mentioned, we are ecstatic about this wonderful holiday and in celebration we are giving away BUNN prize packs on and ...

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