Ready or Not: IoT Technology will Shift our Approach to Service

Apr 18, 2016

“Please Notify Attendant When this Area Needs Servicing.” We have seen the sign in public restrooms inviting guest help in notifying the staff when it is time for a replenishment of supplies. I am going to predict that these signs will become as outdated as the equally antiquated “While You Were Out” pink message slips.   Why? Similar to how voicemail replaced the pink message slip, the Internet of Things (IoT) will also shift the way we approach service.

In the example above, why are we relying on our guests to tell us what we need to know to run our business? In foodservice, why are we relying on our operators to first tell us that equipment needs attention when we have the technology to make possible Remote Equipment Monitoring that closes the gap between anticipation, realization and completion of a service need?

As markets migrate to a more self-service focus, in foodservice we need to embrace IoT technology to improve. When was the last time you told the bartender that he or she should replenish the back bar?  Not even a consideration, right? Then why use the guest in self-service environments to alert the operator when supplies need to be replenished? The quicker we start using Remote Equipment Monitoring technology, the better it will be for all involved: operators and guests. Operators who are the fastest to embrace the new technology will set the bar for speed in taking care of the customer and minimize lost revenue as well. The magnitude of the opportunity comes when remote equipment management gives you the information to better run service your guests.

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