Mixing Innovation and Profits

Dec 1, 2015|

The unbeatable combination of BUNN® innovation and technology headline the iMIX® series powdered drink dispensers. This line of equipment provides a wide array of hot beverages such as French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate, Chai or Steamers which are sure to satisfy chilled and thirsty customers throughout the holiday and winter seasons.

The iMix series feature state-of-the-art internal components packaged in a sleek, front of house ready design with an aesthetically pleasing look will that fit into any store design.

From an operator standpoint, the iMix series is easy to use thanks in part to large internal hoppers that require less refilling. An all-metal drive system and spring-loaded connectors are designed for easy loading, dependability and long life. The iMix has easy machine access for all service and maintenance needs and controls powder dispensing for each beverage, helping you increase profits by maximizing powder usage.

Externally, the LED backlit door and contemporary styling create a striking countertop presence. High efficiency LED lighting provides eye-catching front graphics for merchandising and the iMix also communicates advertising messages, machine status and technical support contact information from an alphanumeric display in the front of the equipment.

The iMix-14 is the powerhouse of the series, serving up to 14 hot beverages along with hot water. Even with the ability to dispense 14 beverages, its top-hinged design minimizes the footprint and makes it ideal for any counter top. An operator-friendly, low product detection system alerts both audibly and via messages on the display when hoppers are low. The spring-loaded, all metal auger drive system makes hopper refilling easy.

A 7-gallon (26.5-liter) hot water tank provides more than enough water to meet peak serving times and popular cup sizes can be accommodated with the 6.75” cup clearance.

The lower volume iMix-5 boasts the same versatility and operation-friendly features as the iMix-14 in a smaller housing. It features three dispense nozzles for hot drinks and two for iced cappuccino with a split hot/iced cappuccino lighted display. It can be set as push and hold or single size portion control. A cup clearance of 7.25” (18.4cm) accommodates popular cup sizes. Easily removable side panels for complete access to service components provide a manageable footprint to capitalize on valuable counter space.


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