BUNN Cup Conversations: Rick Troutner

Jan 20, 2016|

When BUNN recently introduced its new logo, the tagline “Quality Since 1840” was incorporated into the design. To some it may have been puzzling since the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation has been producing quality beverage dispensing equipment since the 1950s but to Cycle Count Team Leader Rick Troutner it made complete sense.

About a year ago a desire to purchase a timepiece led Troutner on an unexpected journey through the Bunn family history.

Troutner, who recently celebrated his 25th anniversary with the company, came across watches made by the Illinois Watch Company in Springfield which he learned was one of the businesses the Bunn family has owned over the years.

After his research and readings Troutner, who oversees the team that counts daily inventory in the BUNN warehouse, eventually became the proud owner of a classic artifact of the Bunn business history, a 1923 Bunn Special pocket watch. It is one of the company's highest grade railroad watches and an everlasting keepsake that, 85 years after its creation, continues to represent the company he works for today.

Get to know Rick in our latest installment of Cup Conversations.


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